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Jumbo White Wholesale Hydrangea

Jumbo White Wholesale Hydrangea


Wholesale, Bulk Hydrangeas at budget friendly prices.

We recommend receiving the flowers at least 2 days before the event.

Jumbo White Bulk Hydrangea wholesale orders range from 20 to 385 stems.


The Jumbo White Hydrangea is a gorgeous round-shaped flower approximately 8.5" to 9" in diameter formed by clusters of several small flowers.


Hydrangeas are shipped fresh and direct from our greenhouses to you with FedEx.


Dollar Hydrangea offers you the best deal on wholesale, bulk hydrangeas. Partnering with key Latin American farms, our top-rated flowers are cut fresh and shipped directly to you for your special events... Weddings, parties, fundraisers, birthdays, holidays, and more.


Flowers are available all seasons.


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