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Caring for your Flowers

We work closely with Colombia, South American farms to bring you fresh-cut flowers. Each stem is cared for until they are packed and shipped via FedEx directly to your front door. Read more about our Flower Guarantee.

How to Care for your Flowers
1. After signing for your shipment, immediately remove flowers from shipping wrap and box. Please remove all packaging, including paper and rubber bands. Do not remove any flower or stem support materials, like cardboard, yet.

2. Cut the ends of the flower stems with scissors in a diagonal direction about 1-1.5 inches so the flowers will absorb more water.

3. Place your flowers in a vase with lukewarm or room temperature tap water. Remove blooms, stems, and leaves that fall below the water line
. Decayed leaves can cause bacterial growth that can thwart the life of your flowers.

4. Mix in flower food if it is provided, or if you have your own. Then add the flowers. Flower food prevents bacterial growth and provides additional nutrients to the flowers. Allow the flowers to hydrate for up to 12 hours. You do not need flower food, so don't worry if you don't have any. If you are working with roses, please leave on the cardboard sleeve during at least the first 2 hours of this stage. After 2 hours, you can remove the guard petals on the roses. (Please note some petals may appear dark or discolored. This is normal and they can be gently removed and discarded.)

5. Every other day, re-cut your flower stems and change the water following the steps above.  This is critical in order to maximize the vase life and the enjoyment of your flowers, and will help to keep your flowering looking vibrant and fresh.

Please follow the flower care steps above to keep your flowers fresh and healthy and to lengthen their vase life. Please keep flowers away from direct sunlight and heat.

If you have any questions about the care of your new flowers, please email us at

Enjoy your beautiful, fresh flowers!