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Awesome tips to arrange your Hydrangeas

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Awesome tips to arrange your Hydrangeas

Spring will always be right at home if you have fresh hydrangeas, but sometimes you don’t know how to arrange them, right?

Well, in this post, we will give you some ideas on how to create DIY beautiful and simple designs.


White and Green Hydrangeas
  1. Prepare your hydrangea stems, cutting the bottom at an angle and taking off the big leaves along the stem.
  2. Take a vessel of 4” (inches) in diameter and fill it with cold water.
  3. Grab 4 or 5 hydrangea stems (you can mix white, blue and mini green hydrangeas) and put them together inside the vessel. 



If the vessel is more than 5” or 6” (inches) in diameter, you can also use florist tape. Use the tape to make a grid at the surface of the vessel, and place the hydrangea stems inside each square. Each square on the grid will hold the flower and will not let it fall down.


Size of Hydrangeas Cup.



This arrangement will look amazing and can be used for arranging on the go!

  1. Cut the hydrangea stem and leave 3" to 4" (inches) of length on the flower.
  2. Fill a 2" (inch) length container with cold water.
  3. Get a basket of about 3" to 4" (inches) in length.
  4. Put the hydrangeas in the 2" (inch) container filled with water, and place the container inside the 3" (inch) basquet.


Blue and White Hydrangeas
Feel free to play with the hydrangea stem size following any of the parameters mentioned in this blog. Also, feel free to ask us any questions. We will keep you posted with much more fun tips on creations with fresh hydrangea flowers!